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Special Kinda Geeky

My esoteric interests and random bits of knowledge know no bounds. And neither does my family's.

We were riding in the car the other day, taking der Junge (the Boy) up to Boy Scout Camp, and we passed one of Aberdeen's test sites, and after a short discussion, he asked what "Semper Fi" actually meant. Der Hauptmann said it was the Marine Corp motto, short for "Semper Fidelis", but he mispronounced it.

Me: No, it's "Semper Fidelis". Like "Adeste Fidelis". Blank looks. (Singing) Adeste Fidelis, liam triumphantes, venite, venite, ad Bethlehem. (Oh Come All ye Faithful)

DH: (Singing) Caput apri defero, Reddens laudes Domino. (The Boar's Head Carol)

Me: (Singing) Dona nobis pacem, pacem. Do-o-o-na-a no-o-bis pa-a-a-a-cem. (Dona Nobis Pacem)

DH: (Singing) Gaudete, gaudete Christus es natus, ex Maria, virgine, gaudete!

Me: (Singing) Non nobis Domine, non nobis. Sed nomini tuo da Gloriam, sed nomine tuo da Gloriam. Non nobis Domine, non nobis.

DJ: (Singing) (hopefully) Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Welcome Christmas, Come what may

And then we all fell out, giggling. That's a specialized niche of geeky knowledge, right there. I love my family.
Urs Graf Camp Scene

I'm still here!

Facebook got me, I'll admit it. And time became scarce. But I'm still here every now and then, and I will post something, even if it's just "Hi!", when I am.


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New Leaves

I have been a living dichotomy for so long, I hardly know where to start. It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times. I've been happy; I've been miserable. I've been on vacation; I've been in court. I've been blissfully happy, I've been deathly afraid, I've been sick, I've been desperate, I've been giddy, I've been in despair. All of this, I suppose, is just life. And no-one really wants to hear me whine. :)

I am starting to make positive steps again - I will be looking to find a therapist to help me talk through family issues (No, everything with der Hauptmann and das Kind is fine; there are unresolved issues with my parents right now), I will be trying to be more active with Mary Kay, because that gives me girlfriend time in the evenings and money in my pocket, and I have re-joined Weight Watchers. I have struggled with my weight pretty much all of my life. I have lost a great deal of weight at least three times over the years, and two of those were with Weight Watchers. I am fortunate enough to also have a weight-loss challenge that just started in my section at work, so we're all supporting each other there, as well. So, I'm back again for a permanent life-style change, and I weigh in tomorrow, officially. As of today, I am down 8.1 pounds since 1/15. We'll see what the scale says in the morning, and what the one at work says, as well.

I also got my bi-annual perm on New Year's Eve morning, so my hair is bouncy and curly. I'm trying to keep things positive, and am hopeful for what the rest of 2012 brings.

*hugs* to you all!
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Urs Graf Camp Scene

Well Begun is Half Done

*Light switch flips, heavy footsteps, sound of wooden thunks*

"huff, puff, huff. Okay."

*More footsteps, sound of wood dragging*

"Okay, you go there, huff, and you there. Whew. Heavier chairs that I'd thought!"

"Alright, now I have a place to write! What first? Well, It is Christmas Eve - let's start with a plan. 'Russian don't (go to the bathroom) without a plan'." Heh, heh.

"Well, let's start with the rest of the day:

Ham is in the oven - check

Pie crusts are baking blindly - check

Sweet potatoes are roasted and cooling - check


Take pie crusts out, let them cool.
Wrap presents while Der Hauptmann and the Boy are out.
Mix Sweet Potato pulp with rest of ingredients, top, and bake.
Make Mashed Potatoes.
Glaze Ham.
Make Green Beans.
Fill Pie Crusts
Clean and Set Table

Serve by 3:30

"Jesus Birthday Party" at Church at 5:30


"Okay - I think I have a handle on this.

"A Very Merry to all of you! I will be back with more substantial stuff."

*Paper rustles, light switch clicks.*
Urs Graf Camp Scene

*Tap, tap* "Hey, is this thing still on?"

*Door opens creakily. Footsteps echo hollowly. Flashlight shines around*

"Wow, I'd almost forgotten about this place."

*Light switch clicks*

"Hmm, still has a lot of potential, though. Hmm."

*Heavy thumps, sounds of wood and cardboard sliding*


*Sweeping, spraying, dusting*

"Well, now" *dusts off hands, puts them on hips* "Not bad, not bad at all. A little paint, maybe some fabric, a little table and chairs, definitely. Maybe a couch, a couple of throw pillows, nice floor lamp in the corner. Yep, might do, might do."

*looks around* "Yep, I'll be back real soon."

*Light switch clicks, door closes*
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Urs Graf Camp Scene

Sad Passing

A man that most of you don't know has passed away, but he had a profound effect on American culture. If you've ever worked at a Renaissance Faire, or gone to a Renaissance Faire, or even just liked the idea of a Renaisssance Fair, it is he that you should thank. Ron Patterson, along with his wife Phylis, began the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1963, in southern California. They didn't start out to change the world, just to do something fun for her students, and then to raise money for a local radio station. They brought back an interest in handcrafted goods, European country traditions, and lost arts. They changed thousands of people's lives, and sparked a nation-, if not world- wide movement. He died last night, at the age of 80. Godspeed, sir, and thank you.
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Seriously Happy Geek-out This Afternoon

The kind of Geekiness that just makes your heart hurt in sweet, sweet way:

DH announced he's going to surprise us for lunch. We (Him, me and the Boy) pile into the new Hondassey and head off. I've hooked up his ipod to the radio and I'm looking through his track list to find songs we will both listen to. (The Boy's tastes really aren't a consideration yet.) It's playing merrily, I put it on the video list, one of my favorite sappy love songs comes on, which he then proceeds to sing to me, making my knees all week and my heart go all mushy, and then, just before we get to the restaurant, which turns out to be a former Old Country Buffet that is now an all-you-can-eat Hibachi/Chinese/Sushi place, there is a quiet windswept rush on the radio, and then, we all three join in with Weird Al, the Boy at the top of his lungs in the backseat: "A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away, Naboo was under an attack . . ."

Geek-love - It's a beautiful thing. Especially when it spawns. :)
Urs Graf Camp Scene

Recent Conversations at my House

Scene: Early morning, people getting ready for church: Me, Husband, 9-yr old son.

Sound of Boy doing something he shouldn't have. (I have no idea, I wasn't looking), Sound of Dad telling him to stop. Sound of Boy doing it again, followed by the soft thwack of his Dad gently whapping him. You know -a "Hey!, knock it off!" kind of "whap".

Boy: "Auugh! I'm dying!"
Dad: "You are not - I didn't hit you that hard!"
Boy: "I am, too!"
Dad: "Cool, then I'll sell all your Christmas toys on eBay!"
Boy: "Rawr! I'm coming back! I'm a zombie! Arrgh!"
Dad: "I have a shotgun and a sword. I know how to handle zombies."
Boy: "Edged weapons only do half-damage!"
Me: *tries really hard not to laugh out loud.*
Me: "Um, no dear, that's skeletons, not zombies."
Boy: "Oh."

The rest of the morning passed with no zombie-related incidents at church, for which I was especially grateful.
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"\'Tis the season . . .

On the twelfth day of Christmas, anjabeth sent to me...
Twelve kajafoglios spinning
Eleven mercenarysongs cooking
Ten bookaddict43s a-camping
Nine sotelties dancing
Eight swords a-singing
Seven ferrets a-sewing
Six comics a-reenacting
Five la-a-a-andsknechts
Four dogs
Three renaissance festivals
Two star wars
...and a constitution in embroidery.
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In 2009, anjabeth resolves to...
Give up singing.
Give up ferrets.
Cut down on my reenacting.
Take evening classes in blackwork.
Get back in contact with some old comics.
Admit my true feelings to kass_rants.
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